Summer car smell Cause Analysis and Treatment Measures

Odor generation

Summer car often unpleasant taste, for example, we do not accidentally dropped in the car corner burgers, desserts or spilled drinks, and then holding a wet umbrella or random on the foot of the back of the car to put any lost shoes or sweat-soaked shirt. Air-conditioning, as long as an open, there will be a steady stream of musty rushed out.

Blown from the car’s air conditioning in the musty, mainly because of rainy weather or air humidity is too large cooling air duct condensate produced too much, and the formation of a suitable mold reproduction damp, dark environments. Just start conditioning refrigeration, will be in the air to produce steam, which condensed water and dust in the air along the surface attached to the evaporator, the damp, dark corners become a hotbed of fungal blooms. Use one or two years later, the car will Ruoyouruowu came an unpleasant sour smell. Therefore, in order to avoid air conditioning odor, it is necessary to prevent the air conditioning system is wet and moldy from the start.

Eliminate odors from the subtle to start

For ambient air humidity, is inevitable. But the owners could do is fine promptly after using natural wind to dry to avoid mildew. In addition, when nothing is to keep the car window ventilation effective way to clean air. If you want to prevent cooling air duct and the condensed water can reach the destination in the air off the first few minutes later on the natural wind, the air conditioning duct before stopping the temperature rise, reducing the temperature difference with the outside, maintaining relatively dry air-conditioning system.

In addition to bring out the musty air its own outside, because those who do not get wet season floor mats, chairs, clothing is also a source of pollution, the taste of these debris mixed together, plus the cars and smell the evaporator itself and mix becomes more unbearable. Therefore, even if the owner no matter how busy, but also regularly insisted cleaning cars and trunk, do not put dirty shoes, damp clothes, dirty rags and other long-term on the car. Glove box, ashtray etc. should be regularly cleaned to smoke inside when you turn off air conditioning and windows that open. Always remember to place the fruit in the car or carry away perishable foods. Many times, after the clean air smell will disappear.

Best car perfume light

Car in summer spray some perfume, can effectively cover the smell inside the car. High quality car perfume fragrance lasting and can kill bacteria, work is also more attractive. Experts suggest that owners choose not to because the price is cheap inferior products, so not only will not bring flavor, but detrimental to human health.

Common car perfume mainly aerosol, liquid-and solid-type three, with lemon flavor, apple flavor, jasmine, mint, pine incense and other fragrance. Owners can choose according to their own preferences to car perfume. For the summer, the car should not be too strong fragrant taste Road, it will mix with the musty smell out of a more unpleasant. Especially lemon perfume, perfume majority of these acidic, comes out later gathered in the air conditioning evaporator, it is easy moldy, but more prone to odors. Summer best selection of neutral taste lighter one category more appropriate. Long-term driving people may consider choosing a refreshing flavor, mint perfume can be eliminated to bring the summer driving sleepy.

Car maintenance of common sense

Vehicle maintenance has two main aspects, one by the repair station to provide you with the mandatory maintenance. The other is some of the owners make their own routine maintenance. Between normal maintenance of the vehicle to the vehicle’s driver and passenger safety life. If maintenance or improper use can lead to vehicle breakdowns, a security risk. In addition to our time so you repair station forced maintenance, should do their own routine maintenance work, which benefits the vehicle’s “health.”After the car you first read the vehicle with “product quality assurance” and “Manual” in the “manual” on the use of detailed precautions and maintenance methods, you should carefully read and follow it, in order to ensure that vehicles are always in good condition. Following is a brief introduction about the vehicle’s maintenance of common sense, I hope to give you some help.

First, check the engine oil
The vehicle is parked on a level road. Unplug vernier check the oil volume, shiny if (F) and (L) two markings within the normal range, if less than (L) bit. You should add the specified type of oil, fuel level can not be higher than after (F) bit.

Second, the engine coolant fluid level check
When the engine heat, do not open the radiator cap, otherwise you might be spilled coolant or high temperature steam burns. Such as engine cooling, check the coolant level should be at least between the bit and the low, you should add distilled or purified water (not mineral water plus) or frozen liquid, adding water to the liquid level can not exceed full bit. If found to decrease rapidly cooling liquid within a short time, the cooling system should be checked for leaks or to the service station to check.

Third, check the brake fluid level
Braking is also high and low between said normal. If the brake fluid is close to the lower limit or below the lower limit of the system may indicate a leak or the brake shoe wear too much, should go to the pits for repairs.
Additional brake fluid, pay attention to add the same type of brake fluid, to prevent damage to the cup, attention to protecting the paint to prevent corrosion paint.

Fourth, the clutch master cylinder fluid level checks
Clutch fluid level is between the high and low liquid level between said normal, if less than the standard line, it may be damaged master cylinder or wheel cylinder sleeves. Running state of the engine hanging file will appear difficult or impossible phenomena linked files, please immediately to the nearest service station maintenance.

Fifth, the battery maintenance checks
Check the battery is firmly fixed, the electrolyte should be between the upper and lower limits, close off the assembly line should be timely additional electrolyte or distilled water to the high line. To maintain good contact with the battery negative cable, and keep the battery clean and dry. To place a long time off vehicle battery positive and negative cables, separated by about half rewired about 20 minutes after starting the engine, if the battery is clearly insufficient to timely charge.

Six, tire checks
Monthly should be at room temperature, check the tire pressure, if less than the normal standard tire pressure should be promptly added. Pressure is not too high or too low, or affect driving safety.
Check tire cracking the case, there are security risks should be replaced tires.
Selection of tires, should be made consistent with the model.

VII check the belt
Start the engine or the usual driving, the belt hair ring, a situation that did not check the belt adjustment caused long-term, can be adjusted according to normal standards. Another case is a belt of aging, in need of replacement.

Eight, air filter inspection
Too dirty air filter will cause poor engine, fuel consumption is too large, such as damage to the engine, check the air filter, if found less dust, blocking light, can be high pressure air blowing from the inside out, continue to use. Dirty air filter should be replaced.

IX checking the spark plug
Normal spark plug insulating ceramics intact. No rupture leakage, spark plug gap 0.8 +-0.0mm discharge, spark was blue, stronger. If you need to adjust abnormal gap or replace the spark plug.

Ten, check the fuel filter
If it is found poor oil clogged fuel filter should be checked, such as the blockage should be replaced.